17-year-old cat abandoned because she was too old, now she tells her new family ‘thank you’ every day



Kiki, the pretty 17 year old cat, tells her new family how happy she is every day to find a place to say “This is my house forever!”

“At the age of 17, Kiki was left in a shelter. We wrote to Kitty Adventure Rescue League” We saved her and now she shows us how happy she is every day. “” She really loves her new family here at KARL. “

Kiki’s former owner died and the family decided to leave her in the shelter.

“We decided we couldn’t let her stay in this place,” wrote KARL. “We run a shelter for older cats and people with special needs. You will be surprised at the number of people who have just left the old cat on the street or in the shelter.”

Fortunately for Kiki, you no longer stay in a shelter. She now has a house forever with the people who love her so much.


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