18-Year-Old Dog Was Abandoned At Vet Clinic For Being “Stupid”



An 18-year-old poodle named Figgy was surrendered to a vet clinic to be put down just before Christmas. He had arthritis, was blind and had no teeth, but he still could get around. The vets determined that he was still relatively healthy for an 18-year-old dog, and there was absolutely no need to end his life. However, his owners still decided they didn’t want him anymore and left him behind.

When staff and volunteers read his paperwork, they were shocked to see the reason for his surrender: his owner’s wife “didn’t like him” because “he’s stupid.” Unbelievable!

The staff fell in love with him immediately and decided to help him find a happy home to live out the rest of his days in. They contacted Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco to see if it had room for him. Thankfully, the rescue quickly agreed and took Figgy into its care.

The staff and volunteers at Muttville truly appreciated Figgy and cared for him with love and kindness. But more than that, they found Figgy a forever home.

A woman named Eileen, who has adopted many hospice dogs from Muttville in the past, decided to take him in and make his last days happy ones. We are so glad to see that this senior pup is finally going to learn what it means to be unconditionally loved.

Thanks to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue volunteer Patty Stanton for helping the poor dog. Figgy is now enjoying his happy life with his new family where he will be loved and cared every day by  his kind owners.

Watch a video of Figgy below and share it with your friends!

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