20 Awkward Cats Who Fall Asleep In Crazy And Silly Ways – PAWS PLANET



If you had ever seen adorable photos of dogs sleeping wherever they desired, you will think that their sleep skills were unparalleled. However, l make sure that you will change your mind after seeing these cats because they bring a certain talent to the art of the doze.

It’s not surprising when cats are known as the masters of sleeping. The reason is they spend most of their day asleep. However, the thing that surprises us is the law of physics-defying positions they fall asleep in. They can relax anywhere and anytime as long as they feel safe. It’s completely normal if you see your cat sleeping in weird poses as they can be silly at many times, especially in their sleep.

Therefore, we want to show you 20 pictures of some furry friends that truly amazed us. Scroll down for pictures of awkward cats who fall asleep in crazy ways!

#1. When you don’t have a blanket, so you need to cover yourself with your own legs

#2. In the newest cat bed, you can roll around while sleeping.

#3. Pocket kitten taking a little nap

#4. Who needs cat beds anyway?

#5. When you’re so tired that you can’t even make it to bed:

#6. As if we needed more proof that cats defy the laws of physics…

#7. Not sure if the cat is dreaming of sunbathing or flying.

#8. This cat read about a sleeping position called “the snail”.

#9. Someone had an exhausting day at work.

#10. A cat’s mission is to find every spot suitable for sleeping.