20+ People Who Dreamed of Having a Big Teddy Bear at Home, So They Got a Newfoundland Dog – PAWS PLANET



Even though Newfoundland dogs look scary, they have a kind and peaceful nature. This dog is a gentle giant and makes a great family pet because they are absolutely not aggressive toward people. The sweet temperament is the most important characteristic of the breed and it is expressed in their affinity for children as the best canine friends.

Newfoundlands are also known as strong and brave working dogs whose weight can reach up to 150 pounds and stands at 29 inches tall. They are so big and charismatic, they can easily steal attention wherever they appear. That is why dog owners are proud to share their pet’s pictures. And it’s a double joy when they know those who see it will just say, “Wow!”

Thankfully, we’ve found some gorgeous pics of Newfoundlands that reveal all the power and charm they possess. So, we would like you to have a look at these funny and cute photos of Newfoundland dogs. And you’ll probably want to take one of these big teddy bears home.

#1. This Newfoundland puppy weighs a little more than 55 pounds.

#2. This child is secure.

#3. Maybe this cougar is the Newfoundland dog’s pet.

#4. This puppy is imagining how gorgeous it will be when it grows up.

#5. These 2 look gorgeous, don’t they?

#6. Still a baby…

#7. Just a Newfoundland dog eating ice cream…

#8. “Yes, my mom usually looks adoringly at me… Why shouldn’t she? I am soo adorable!”

#9. “We adopted this Newfoundland today. His name is Moose. He’s already knocked over a table.”

#10. “Our Newfoundland Aurora”