Dog fights with Snake

While every ones talking about Dog fights, not being the snakes fault, watch the picture and videos out of all of these pictures and videos. Did you not see that dog in pain? While the owners record instead of actually “helping”? That poor dog. It also threw up, which made me sick to my stomach. Yes, their were more snake deaths, but can we not take time to value both of their lives?

Snake and dog? And i think we could all agree that is was wrong for the camera man/woman to just record, instead of calling to save them. Some times we human do mistakes. In this pic and video you will see that human are recording the fights but they do not think about the blood of these lives, snake and dog. We love dog and it is not wild animal. On the other hand snake is wild and it is dangerous of human. But snake is protecting our environment. So we should think both animals. See the fights in the following images….

dog fights with snake






I think you guys get shocked and fell sorrow for these two lives. Dogs are very affectionate animal in our life. But we should think about both snake which is dangerous for human. If we do not harm snake, it will never harm us.

What do you think?




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