Golden Retriever Puppy Mourns Feline Friend Ginger!


The dog was pleasantly surprised!

This story is a touching tale of friendship that involved one canine and another feline. Meet Forsberg, who is a Golden Retriever Puppy. His feline friend was named Ginger, and she was a orange-colored Tabby Cat. Both animals have been living peacefully together for a very long time. With both in their senior years, they loved to laze around, beside each other on the couch as the hours tick by. However, this friendship between the pair soon came to an unfortunate end one fateful day.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppy

When she reached 15 years’ of age, Ginger was diagnosed with thyroid cancer – and passed away all of a sudden. This shocked and confused the poor Golden Retriever Puppy, who was suddenly left all alone without his feline pal around. He would scour the premises everyday in hope of locating Ginger, but to no avail. Depressed, Forsberg would sit on the couch with a miserable expression everyday after Ginger’s death.

Golden Retrievers Puppys

His owner, Jen Philion, could not stand seeing poor Forsberg in such a depressed state, so she decided to surprise him with another feline companion.

Golden Retrievers Puppys

Golden Retrievers

It was Maxwell, a tiny kitten with jet-black fur! Maxwell and Forsberg bonded almost instantly, too!

Black Cat

Today, Maxwell cuddles with Forsberg in the same spot on the couch just like old Ginger did before – and their friendship has spanned over 2 years and counting!

Looks like love and friendship truly do form unique and unbreakable bonds – between one and the other!

Golden Retrievers with Black cat

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