Leaving a dog home alone for Dead Find Porch by Miracle, Rescuers Follow Their Barking


When a natural disaster strikes, no one is spared. But unlike humans, animals are in a less favorable situation when faced with an earthquake, storm, tornado, or floods. The animals try to find shelter in abandoned places and houses believing those are a safe place to hide. Leaving a dog home alone is very bad thing.

This is the story of two dogs later named Florence and Chinquapin which found themselves in the middle of the flooded place in North Carolina and were in desperate need of help.

The Tropical Storm Florence that hit the Carolinas left number of people homeless. Unfortunately, most of those people were desperate to save themselves that they left their pets behind. The only way to save those stuck at their flooded homes was by boats which circulated around the flooded areas.

Leaving a dog home alone

Leland Vittert, a Fox News correspondent who was part of one of the rescue teams reported the following, “The scenes were unbelievable. There is something surreal about driving down a road in a boat.” 

The rescue groups were looking for survivors when they heard noises that resembled barking. They were certain there were dogs out there which couldn’t find a way out.

When they approached the house where the dogs were standing, the rescuers, among which the fisherman Bergman, couldn’t believe the sight. The dogs managed to swim to the front porch of the place.

Leaving a dog home alone also was panicking, going backwards and forwards the porch, feeling completely helpless. But once the people approached even closer and started petting them on the head, they realized they were saved.

After the rescue, the two dogs were brought to Washington, D.C at the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. The staff from this organization will provide Florence and Chinquapin with the appropriate medical assistance and will do their best to find them home.

If you feel for the animals affected by the floods, you can consider donating to the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, or consider adopting an animal that’s under their wings.

Being there for this dogs was the right thing to do. Always help animals in need!


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