This Clever Crow Goes Out Of His Way To Share Food With A Hungry Mouse


Crows are one of the most underrated creatures we know of. In many western cultures these birds are associated with death, bad luck, and black magic. Because of the negative traits most people relate to crows, the word for a group of them is murder. So if you hear the phrase murder of Clever Crow, you know they are talking about a bunch of them. Contrary to this belief, crows are actually very fascinating.

According to the scientists, most crows know how to read traffic lights and they have the ability to recognize faces. So if you are not nice to them they may choose to poop on your head next time they see you. A species of crows known as New Caledonian Clever Crow can craft their own hooks in the wild. Some of them are even good at solving puzzles. What is really interesting about crows is that when one of them dies the others are likely to organize ‘a funeral.’

Clever Crow

These are some additional facts on crows.

The videos below are prove that they are highly intelligent.

A crow decided to share her treat with a mouse and someone managed to film it.

Another shows us how solving puzzles is something they do with ease.

Take a look at the videos and share your thoughts on the crows’ intelligence with us.

Did you know these birds were so special?