Abandoned kitten found and brought to home full of dogs – Their reaction is the CUTEST thing


What looks like a usual rescue story is actually something so adorable that will certainly make your day. A couple found an abandoned kitten and they immediately knew they wanted to take it in. However, there was one problem on the way, and that was that their house was already full with rescue animals, all of which were dogs.

Although they had no idea if there was any chance for the things to work out between the dogs and a cat, the couple still decided not to leave the kitten on the streets.

When Rilu the cat was first introduced to the pack, she was a bit shy and confused. But once she got comfortable with the dogs, they became her best friends and she is now a member of their crew.

Seeing them kissing and hanging with the cat is something really amazing. They even share a same plate.

We can learn from these animals that no matter how different we are, we can always get along and make our life more fulfilling.

The furry family is now complete. Although we believe that this loving couple will get more strays and animals in need.

Take a look at the video and all those lovely moments the friends spend together.

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