Snow Leopard Notices She’s On Camera, Puts On Show


Domesticated cats are hilarious. Their quirky antics have been the subject of many hilarious cat videos, memes, and GIFs, just like this example below:

And while funny cat videos are a dime a dozen, what about funny videos with wild cats?

Naturally this is a rarer occasion due to the scarcity of interacting with a wild animal and the danger factor involved. But occasionally people are able to record some gems, just like what happened in the video below.

This big cat is Jessie the snow leopard.

Source: Facebook / Paradise Wildlife Park

Jessie has been living in the Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire for the past three years. Jessie lives the good life – she spends her days getting fed, playing, and pretty much hanging out in the park.

With living in the park for the past three years, Jessie has gotten used to a certain routine.

So when she discovered the zoo installed a new camera in her enclosure, she had a hilarious reaction – she flipped out!

Snow Leopard
Source: Facebook / Paradise Wildlife Park

The short 20-second clip was uploaded in early September and has since gone viral. With over 1.7 million views, many patrons of the Internet cracked up at seeing this wild cat’s reaction to the camera!

“This is the best thing you’ll see all day…” Paradise Wildlife Park captioned the video.

Snow Leopard
Source: Facebook / Paradise Wildlife Park

For being a snow leopard, Jessie has such an expressive face! She looks like she’s questioning her entire existence in this one still frame.

Also, while this angle may suggest Jessie is overweight, don’t worry – the park confirmed that Jessie weighs a healthy 40kg, which is the average weight for a female snow leopard. Her thick coat, which is also natural, just adds to her fluffiness, not to mention the camera adds ten pounds – even to animals!

Meanwhile, the internet adored this expressive cat. Some even wondered if she was reacting to the camera, or just had an itch on her back:

Either way, this short 20-second clip made my day, and I hope it will make yours too. Hopefully, we will see more funny behavior from Jessie in the future!

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