Old Dog Returned To Shelter For The Most Absurd Reason


Charlie, an adorable 7-year-old Shih Tzu was placed in a shelter and was waiting for the right people to come and take him in. And, after it looked like he would leave the shelter with a new owner, Charlie was quickly brought back again because the man who wanted to adopt him said he could’t take care of him because of the dog’s condition. So not only was Charlie considered a senior dog, but he was also having troubles walking properly because of an injury in one of his spinal discs.

Source: MacKenzie Porter

The potential owner himself had similar health issues and had difficulties banding down and carrying Charlie around so he had to take him back to the shelter again. Charlie couldn’t stand well on his feet and wobbled, and his mobility was limited so not many people wanted to take care of a dog like him.

Unfortunately, they had no idea that despite his physical impairments, Charlie is the sweetest dog out there eager to feel love and kindness.

Source: MacKenzie Porter

Besides the affection he was receiving from the shelter’s staff, Charlie seemed to be pretty sad. His life was dull and and he was striving for human’s love and interaction.

His condition was getting worse by every passing day.

He stopped socializing with the staff and didn’t want to interact with the other dogs either. All he did was staring at the wall of the shelter. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone and it was obvious the dog was unhappy and depressed.

Charlie was miserable up until the moment a very special person came into his life.

Source: MacKenzie Porter

The moment she laid eyes on Charli, Mackenzie Purdy fell in love with the dog. She kind of felt sorry for him and couldn’t get him out of her head. The girl wanted to adopt another pup but she was aware that not many people will opt to take a dog with Charlie’s health issues, and she believed she was the one who could provide him with a loving home.

She saw something in Charlie and simply new that the dog had lots of love inside himself he was waiting to give to the right person. She knew he needed someone who would make him feel comfortable so she decided to spend some time with him.

‘“He was a bit older and he walked a little funny, so I had a feeling that not many people would be interested in him,” Mackenzie said to The Dodo. “So many people won’t be interested in the dogs that don’t come to the front of the cage at the shelter.”

Source: MacKenzie Porter

Charlie seemed to be afraid or not interested to bond with MacKenzie at first but she was determined to try her best to make him interact.

‘“I asked the shelter staff if I could spend some time with him out in the yard,” she recalls. “He was very reserved, and not very interested in me. He did not show much in the way of affection, but he did do a very little tail wag when I walked closer to him.”

Source: MacKenzie Porter

After spending one day with the dog, she could see that all Charlie needed to be happy was kindness and affection.

MacKenzie wanted to give Charlie a better life so she had this great idea of bringing her pup Baxter to the shelter the following day and see whether Charlie would be interested in playing with him.

She was surprised to see the dogs’ instant connection. Both were beyond excited to be hanging out together. They wagged their tails during the whole time and that was enough for MacKenzie to make a decision to take Charlie home.

Source: MacKenzie Porter

‘“Charlie was wagging his tail more, and Baxter was interested in him,” she recalls. “They told me I could come the next day to bring him home.”

Although Charlie has difficulties moving around with ease, and sometimes can’t keep up with Baxter, he is one very happy dog that enriched the life of his new family.

Source: MacKenzie Porter

‘“He has been adjusting well,” Mackenzie told. “My boyfriend and I have been taking him on short walks, and picking him up when we encounter steps. He is a very good boy. He is very quiet and goes with the flow.”

We are so very happy for Charlie and how he spends his days playing around and taking walks with those who love him. He is one lucky guy to have someone like MacKenzie in his life. This lovely, kindhearted girl is indeed a very special person who saw in Charlie what nobody else did. Because of people like her, our faith in humanity is restored.

Source: The Dodo, Associated Human Tinton Falls shelter

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