Navy SEAL Rescues Retired Military K9s, And Rehabilitates Them For Adoption


These retired K9s were initially “unadoptable”…

Like humans, dogs do serve in the military and are commonly referred as K9s. Like the rest of their comrades, K9s work tirelessly alongside their handlers to ensure everyone’s safety. Unfortunately, they cannot serve in the military forever and will have to eventually retire like any other soldier.

These K9s however, often face trouble in getting adopted because of the difference in lifestyles and are deemed “unadoptable”. A retired Navy SEAL named Mike Ritland knows their struggles and has dedicated his life to help them.

Ritland runs a rescue organization called The Warrior Dog Foundation in Texas, where he takes in retired K9s and rehabilitate them for civilian life. These rehabilitated dogs will eventually be placed into their forever homes, where they will enjoy their retirement as civilians.

Ritland and his team work tirelessly with the dogs with positive reinforcement to help them to adapt into a civilian environment. Some former K9s even arrive at the foundation with the canine equivalent of PTSD, so the team will have to help desensitize them to loud noises like gunshots or fireworks slowly.

So far, The Warrior Dog Foundation has rehabilitated and re-homed more than 100 former K9s. The Warrior Dog Foundation has mostly relied on word-of-mouth through their networks to find suitable forever homes for these retired K9s and even had quite a few success stories.

These former K9s all deserve a second chance at life, just like any other dog. Watch the video below:

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