Dog’s Ears And Eyes Are Covered In Strange Bumps, Medical Team Rushes To Save Her Life


Not everyone deserves to own a pet. Many people don’t seem to realize that once the animal is welcomed into the home, it becomes family. Animal neglect is one of the most common causes many pets end up at the vet’s offices with severe health condition. When it comes to certain underdeveloped countries the number of cases like this is even bigger because they lack the appropriate resources to treat the animals.

The good thing is that there are rescue centers and animal organizations that try to change this and help any animal in need.

One dog from South Africa was found by the rescuers from the CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare), covered in bumps. None of the people who found her has ever seen anything similar. They had no idea what might be going on with the dog’s eyes and ears. They guessed it could be an infection or some other disease.

After a thorough check up they were shocked to understand that the bumps were actually ticks. They caused the poor dog to be anemic. It was obvious she was in desperate need of help.