Newborn Puppy Was Abandoned On A Sidewalk – But Look At Him Now


This newborn puppy wouldn’t have made it on his own…In Romania, a newborn puppy had been found on a sidewalk by a passerby. Knowing that the newborn puppy would die without any help, the passerby quickly brought the puppy to a local rescue group called Howl of a Dog. Volunteers of the rescue group named the puppy Joy and gave him round-the-clock care. Newborn puppies require a lot of care as they need to be fed regularly and cannot maintain their own body temperature. To ensure his survival, volunteers bottle fed him regularly and made sure that Joy was kept warm.

Joy spent most of the time sleeping for the first few weeks of his arrival and loved to cuddle on the volunteers’ laps. As Joy grew, he loved to spend his time with the volunteers and the other dogs at the rescue. He also had a white stuffed Siberian tiger, which became his favorite toy.

When Joy was 4 months old, the rescue group decided to put him up for adoption and posted a photo of him on their Facebook page. Not long after, a couple from the Netherlands named Ellen and Ricardo saw the photo and immediately fell in love with Joy. The couple quickly contacted the rescue group and they were delighted to later hear that they will be adopting Joy.

Initially, the rescue group had planned to drive Joy to the Netherlands but the couple were so eager to meet Joy that they made an arrangement to meet in Austria instead. The couple drove about 2400 km just to meet Joy halfway and even brought his favorite toy back to the Netherlands.

Now Joy is two years old and is still living happily with his family in the Netherlands. Ellen and Ricardo both love Joy very much and would take him outdoors regularly. They would even brought Joy out for boat rides in their motorboat!

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