Wife Laughs As Husband Hilariously ‘Wrestles’ With Family Dogs


Meet the Graham family, where a woman named Erin Sharkey Graham and her husband David own two of the most energetic dogs you could ever imagine. The two dogs were German Shepherds named Badge and Segen. The family had already celebrated Christmas together, thus she had requested David to throw out the old tree as they had no use for it any longer – but she would never had imagined that it would be such a chore to do so. Her Facebook post wrote: “So I asked my husband to toss the old Christmas tree.. and noticed it was taking a really long time..then I look out and see this struggle going down.”

As it would turn out, the cause of the problem was two mischievous German Shepherds! The two canines treated the old Christmas tree like a giant rope, playing a game of tug-of-war with David!

Each time David tries to toss the tree over the fence and into the woods, both of the dogs would grab ahold of the tree with their jaws and pull in the opposite direction where the tree was supposed to be headed – this also caused poor David to fall on his rear end! Erin laughed as she filmed the whole scene down, posting it on social media.

Eventually, David was able to get the tree right over the fence, and out of the dogs’ reach – all they could do was to just stand there and bark in dismay. Playtime was over for these two canines, for now.

According to Erin, tug-of-war is clearly their favorite game – but the ‘toy’ can be anything!

Take a look in the video below!

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