Bears tear up wolf in front of horrified Dutch zoo visitors (DISTURBING VIDEO)


The visitors of the Dierenrijk zoo, in the Netherlands, couldn’t imagine the lovely day in the zoo would turn into a scene they will never forget. The violent and brutal act they witnessed spread on the social media like wildfire and it’s pretty much shocking.

Four brown bears tear up a female wolf in pieces in front of the onlookers who were terrified by the gruesome sight.

“The two-year-old she-wolf came out of the water with another wolf when she was attacked by the bear,”

a zoo spokesperson told the NL Times. The attack took place On Monday, in Mierlo near Eindhoven.

The rest of the wolves tried to prevent the bears from savagely killing one of their pack, but they were completely powerless. One of the bears tried to keep them away and later joined the rest of the attackers. The poor wolf was completely teared apart.

“The visitors warned the caretakers, but the she-wolf was already dead,”

the spokesperson added, calling it a “fatal accident.” The zookeepers were as surprised as the visitors and had no answers of why this violent event took place. The visitors, among which young children, were left terrified and in disbelief. Many were offered help from the zoo.

The bears and the wolves share the enclosure and according to the zoo they’ve got along well until this isolated incident took place. They further say that the animals are kept in “an enriching environment” where they have always lived in good harmony with each other.

The zoo has no plans to take any immediate action as the event was such a freak occurrence.

Below is the video of the savage attack, please proceed with caution. 

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