Owner Sees Her Stolen Dog On The News – Who Was Forced Into A Cockfighting Ring


She hadn’t seen her dog in two years…in 2015, a pit bull had been seized from a cockfighting ring located in Marlboro County. The pit bull was found emaciated and even had a litter of 10 puppies with her. They were quickly brought to the Humane Society of Marlboro County for medical treatment. The Humane Society gave the pit bull and her puppies intensive medical care, who were in a bad shape.

A photo of the pit bull was soon shown on the local news and miraculously, it caught the attention of her owner. The pit bull’s name was Nina Louise, who was stolen from her home located in Bennetsville, North Carolina in 2013. Her owner, April Morris, had not seen her dog in two years and has searched for her dog countless of times since she went missing.

Stolen Dog

Morris even posted up flyers on the streets and offered a $500 reward should anyone finds her. As her dog had been missing for so long, she had almost given up hope when she saw the local news. When Morris saw the photo, she immediately contacted the Humane Society to pick her up. When Morris and her family went to pick up Nina Louise, the pit bull immediately ran to them with a wagging tail.



Reunited with her family at last, Nina Louise can finally go back home after two long years. Morris has custody of her litter of puppies, who were still nursing at that time. They would go to their forever homes once they have weaned.

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