Dog Lovers Shriek With Joy After Meeting A New Family Member


For Christmas, the very image of a single puppy walking around with a ribbon wrapped around its neck is joyful and yet undeniably cute to most people – especially dog lovers. As family members, we would want to surprise our loved ones with the things or companions they yearn for the most. For one man, it was a Goldendoodle pup.


Despite all the negativity puppy presents tend to have, the good news was that this family already owned dogs but simply wanted one more to love and join their ever-growing family! The whole family were taking a group picture by the Christmas tree when the surprise happened. There were no boxes restricting the pup – it just casually strolled into the camera frame! As the dog happily trots up to its new family, it was truly a magical sight to behold!

Pedro Martinez, the one who is dog lovers, taped and posted the video, had remembered from before that his father dad would jokingly ask about getting one Goldendoodle from time to time. Little did he know that his family had something very special planned for him, and the new pup! Pedro mentioned in his video: “So for this Christmas, we decided we would crank the holiday spirit up to 10 and make my dad go full blown child for the rest of the world to see – by getting him the dog of his dreams!” What a surprise!

Watch the whole surprise in the video below!

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