Family Dogs Disappears — Two Others Sniffed Around After 27 Days


He had been missing for too long – 27 days…Family Dogs are known to have a strong bond with not only humans, but also with each other. Take this for example. A family in Saskatchewan, Canada has lost one of their family dogs named Bruno and could not find him anywhere not matter how hard they have searched. John and Cindy Billesberger grew extremely worried for Bruno and prayed that they would find him soon.

Family Dogs

After exactly 27 days later, the family had been walking the other 2 family dogs about a mile away from their home when they started acting strangely. One of their family dogs stopped and would not move from his spot near a farm field.

family dogs

Curious to why one of their dogs had stopped, they decided to investigate. The family soon came upon an old well and took a look inside it. Much to their astonishment, they found Bruno at the bottom of the well, with his paws stuck in the mud. The couple’s son immediately jumped into the well to rescue Bruno and brought him to the Prairie Animal Health Centre in Estevan, Sask for medical help.

Family Dog

At the animal health centre, Bruno was found to have lost half of his body weight and suffered multiple injuries. Bruno had not only an eye infection, but also cuts along his body and fur loss on his back. According to Kristin Caldwell, a veterinarian, Bruno was barely alive and felt that he most likely would not have survived for another 2 days. Turns out that Bruno had managed to survive on snow and rainwater during that period.

Family Dog

Bruno is now receiving medical treatment at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. Julie said that although it is too soon to say how long it will take for Bruno to recover, there’s a steak with his name on it when he gets home. Speedy recovery Bruno!

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