Steer Stands Out From His Herd — For One Strange Reason


One particular Holstein Friesian steer has made headlines everywhere online due to one big trait he has that causes him to stand out from his herd. Towering over the rest at a height of 193 cm / 76 inches tall, Knickers the Holstein is actually a very lovable giant farm animal who has charmed and intrigued many. His owner, Coston, states that Holstein Friesian Steers, although kind and sweet, often become herd leaders instead. However, Knickers is different – seeing members of his herd go one by one is heartbreaking for him.

Holstein Friesian

Cattle are well-known to form very deep bonds with the members of their own herds. As such, losing a single member is a very upsetting issue to them – no matter the numbers. Coston states that the same thing applies to Knickers, year after year. Coston stresses: “The thought of losing your herd is so significant. The whole situation is heartbreaking to me because he’s always going to be looking for his family.”

Holstein Friesian

Thankfully, Knickers’ life will be spared and will be away from the chopping board. Coston hopes that Knickers’ story would be able to educate more people about the emotions and care farm herds shower each other with, regardless of breed, looks or size. Family would always be family – even amongst animals.

“I think when things like this go viral, it’s a good opportunity to explain to people how cows really behave. There’s no doubt that Knickers’ herd loves him to death,” Coston added.

Watch his story in the video below!

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