Dog Brought To Shelter Because Family Is Expecting Baby


Whoever didn’t own a dog knows no true love and loyalty. Dogs are compassionate, affectionate and will never, ever leave your side, which unfortunately isn’t true for humans, who often abandoned their pets.

An adorable pit pull was left at the shelter by his family of many years for the most bizarre reason ever, the arrival of a baby in the family. It’s a well known fact that dogs are great around little babies, they are protective and teach them responsibilities. But, this family believed the dog wasn’t welcomed any longer and didn’t want him near their newborn.

When the dog named Smiley was brought at the shelter in Brooklyn, New York, he had no idea what was going on. Completely puzzled and confused, he couldn’t even imagine his family could betray him like that. The staff put Smiley on the “kill list” because as they stated, “He has been noted to become uncomfortable with handling at times, especially when a person is reaching over him.”

Dog Brought To Shelter

A woman named Julie Carner was pretty concerned about the dog’s future but couldn’t take him in because she was already fostering a puppy, so she decided to share Smiley’s story on the social media where she wrote: “I’M A GOOD BOY, I WOULD HAVE LOVED THAT NEW BABY! – PLEASE HELP ME, I DONT WANT TO DIE … By all accounts he is a just about perfect – friendly and outgoing, loves to play with his ball toys along with squeaky toys, house-trained, he knows commands sit, stay and come in SPANISH, if he pulls on the leash he will slow down when told to, no guarding issues.”