No One Wanted This Dying, 16-Year-Old Shelter Dog — Until One Family Took A Chance


Shelters are full of dogs and other animals that can’t wait to be taken in a forever home where they will feel comfortable, loved, and protected. However, it’s a really sad fact that senior dogs are the last to be adopted and most of them are eventually euthanized. People believe that because of their age, these dogs are not that likely to be active without being aware that with them comes the privilege of choosing a pet with fully-formed personality that best fits their lifestyle.

Bear is a senior dog of 16 years who had some health problems and matted fur. He looked as though he hadn’t eaten in days and resembled a skeleton. All this stood on the way of his adoption, because it seemed like no one wanted this poor creature until a family visited the shelter one day and felt like Bear still had a lot to give to this world.

The love and affection he was given resulted in the dog being fully transformed. No one could believe it was the same dog.

This was Bear’s kennel record. He was a dog who was in desperate need of rescue. Below are the photos that witness of his journey to a new, better life.

This is Bear’s ride to freedom.

His very first day in his new home where he could finally rest on a comfortable bed.

His new name is Norman.

Old Shelter Dog

Taking afternoon naps is something he loves the most.