Wounded 5-Week-Old Puppy Left In Dumpster Gets 2nd Chance


Back in November, a passerby walked a dumpster near Baltimore, Maryland. It was then the passerby heard a series of faint cries coming from inside, and opened it to find something shivering inside. It was an injured and frightened 5-week-old puppy, who was found all covered in wounds. The passerby rushed her to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) for emergency medical care.

“Her entire head and face were swollen. She was only able to open her eyes about 3 millimeters. She also had wounds to her front left leg,” recalled
Dana Hersl, who was the manager of BARCS emergency medical department. The puppy was perceived to have been bitten by another animal and then left to die in the dumpster without any concern if she was injured or not. Kind-hearted Hersl volunteered to foster the puppy until she recovers and finds a proper home.

Old Puppy

As Hersl cradled the puppy on her lap, the song “I Only Wanna Be With You”, by Hootie & the Blowfish came on the radio – thus the pup was named Hootie.
Hootie had sustained a fractured eye, skull and jaw from the attack. Hootie was however, in good hands. Hersl cared for Hootie for the whole day, administering medication while she napped. The puppy was not able to open her mouth to eat properly, thus Hersl had to feed her frequent portions consisting of pureed and moistened dog food.

Weeks pass, and Hootie’s swollen face improved. The once abused puppy was able to experience new life as a young dog properly. Hootie gained enough energy to play with dog toys, mingle with her canine companions and participate in walks. With lots of food, clean water and a comfortable place to rest, Hootie could not have asked for anything better.

Old Puppy

Hootie is now 3 months old, and she spends her days romping around with her foster family’s dogs and even with their cat. Hootie is also close friends with Hersl’s 6-year-old son. Hootie loves everyone she meets, including dogs. Hersl hopes that Hootie would be able to find a family who would be able to give her a lot of love and attention.

For the weeks to come, Hootie will be spayed and put up for adoption once all of her injuries have healed. For people who are interested in giving Hootie a forever home, please visit Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS)’s website for more information.

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