Abandoned Cat Meow Outside Front Door For 200 Days

Abandoned Cat Meow

Shortly after one family moved into their new home, they had started hearing some rounds of frequent meowing, which was coming from the front door. They quickly opened the door to discover one skinny, frail and very confused abandoned cat meow. Upon realizing that she had likely belonged to the family who had previously lived in the house they moved into.

Abandoned Cat Meow

The cat was named Honey, and she had been left behind after they moved away. The family who had found her contacted the RSPCA, hoping that they could help her. The RSPCA agreed to take her in, resulting in Honey being brought to its Stourbridge and District shelter. After a few simple blood tests, shelter staff discovered that poor Honey was suffering from hyperthyroidism, which was the reason why she was so skinny. She was immediately put on medication and recovered well, but the thing she needs the most is a forever family. Honey was a resident at the shelter since February, but no one has expressed any interest in adopting abandoned cat meow so far.

Abandoned Cat Meow

“Honey has been in foster care now for over 200 days and has watched all our other cats go off to their new homes and start their new lives. She wonders why no one wants her, and is now starting to become stressed and bored – which is beginning to affect her mental and physical well-being,” remarked Heather Cain, who is the chairman for the RSPCA’s Stourbridge and District shelter.

Abandoned Cat Meow

The 8-year-old cat is an incredibly sweet feline who loves to spend her time playing with toys and receiving attention from her loved ones. As she was previously abandoned, Honey has had enough of change and uncertainty and would love to settle down in a forever home of her own.

Honey is now available for adoption, only within the United Kingdom. She would prefer a quieter home with no young children around, also preferring to be the only cat in her new home due to her lack of socialization with other animals and cats. Honey is required to take her thyroid medication with her food everyday, but the shelter is willing to help cover the cost of her medications for her future family. Overall, Honey is a very much low-maintenance feline who would make a lovely companion.

Anyone would be interested in adopting Honey may contact the RSPCA directly, via phone or email for more information.

Abandoned Cat Meow

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