Guy Drops Old Dog At Shelter And Asks Them To Euthanize Him

Old Dog Shelter

Recently, a man brought his dog to a shelter and told the staff how he wanted it to be euthanized. He claimed it was 20 years old and was having some health issues such as  diarrhea. The Old Dog Shelter volunteers didn’t believe the dog was that old so instead of putting him down, they decided to do everything in their power to help him find a new home.

Old Dog Shelter

The pup was totally confused not knowing why he was placed among  so many people he was seeing for the first time in his life. The staff from Houston & Harris County Animal Volunteers could see the dog was scared and they simply knew they had to get it out of there and place it in a quieter place.

They came up with the idea of posting Radar’s story online in hopes of getting some help. It was a plea on the dog’s behalf and said, “We’re going to be really honest. We don’t know if we can save him. He hasn’t been seen by a vet and maybe they’ll decide that euthanasia is the best choice to end his suffering. Maybe we can get enough donations so a rescue can tag him and let him pass surrounded by dignity and love.” But as soon as a shelter worker from the Animal Justice League stumbled upon the story, they took Radar in.

When they brought him at the vet’s, they realized the dog wasn’t that old, and he wasn’t unhealthy either, only severely neglected by his owners which could be seen by his fur and nails.

Based on Radar’s muscle tone, they assumed he was kept caged for a very long time, which was really sad. It’s always heartbreaking to hear stories of animals that are abused. They are living souls and their life matters as much as human’s but there are many cruel and heartless people out there who don’t understand that.

Fortunately, now Radar is placed in a foster home and the shelter volunteers make sure they post updates of his progress. Many people donate money, vitamins, dog clothes, and other things lovely Radar needs in order to remain healthy and happy. His foster mom Brandi is being so sweet to him, and it’s obvious he feels comfortable. Now we hope he will find a forever home and will spend the rest of his life surrounded by kindhearted people.

If you are interested in adopting or helping Radar, contact Animal Justice League.

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