Woman Saves Kitten Found on the Road and Discovers His Cat Family that Needs Help


Carmen Weinberg saw a tiny kitten in the middle of the road. She followed him and discovered a colony of cats that needed help.

Saves Kitten
Carmen Weinberg

Yesterday, Carmen, founder of Animal Friends Project, was working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) job at a mobile home park in Boynton Beach, Florida when she came across a tabby kitten. He was scruffy and dirty, wandering the roads by himself.

There’s a large feral cat population in the area, but she had never seen this kitty before. As she approached him to see if he was friendly, the kitten immediately fled.

She followed him from a distance until she reached a block where she saw more cats emerging from a yard.

“I went to check on him and found another cat colony in need of help,” Carmen shared with Love Meow. “There seemed to be 6-8 cats there.”

Carmen Weinberg

The cats appeared to be feral, and some looked related to the kitten. Carmen headed back to her car to get a humane trap and a can of food, hoping to get some of the cats the help they needed.

“When I turned to set the trap and try to catch the older female, one of the younger cats took off with the can in his month,” Carmen said.

The cat mother would not go into the trap even when her kitten had walked in for the food.

Carmen Weinberg

Kittens that live outdoors, are particularly vulnerable to diseases. Carmen brought the little one back to her car and started looking for a foster home that would take him in.