Puppy Tied To Pole Around Broken Glass, Was Fed 1 Snail Per Day


A woman named Chloe Henley, whose occupation is a paramedic, along with her husband Alex Jewkes, a security worker, had travelled together – all the way to the Philippines to explore. Not long after they had settled into the apartment they rented, the couple heard cries and ran down the street to find out where the noise was coming from.

To their dismay, it was an unwanted puppy, whom they would later adopt and name it Peso, after the country’s currency.


Puppy Tied

When the poor puppy was initially discovered, he had been starved badly – till the point that he was extremely malnourished and dehydrated. The person whom he had once belonged to cruelly tied him to a post with the use of a short rope. This greatly restricted his movements, and he was left there for many hours, next to a construction site where he was not safe either. His only food were snails, fed to him once per day – and that was not proper nutrition.