Rescuers find 11 animals left in taped boxes by trash


Abandoning an animal will always make you a bad person no matter how nice you are towards people, because one’s personality is truly revealed by the amount of respect they pay to the dependent and the less fortunate.

The good thing is that thre are people out there who would always choose to help an animal in need. These people, among which a lady named Wendy from Stratford, London, make us realize how every life, no matter how big or small, is worth saving.

As she was on her way home, four boxes left in an alley caught Wendy’s attention. She probably wouldn’t even notice them if they weren’t sealed shut with too much tape. She said to herself how she should probably ignore those packages and continue walking, but that’s when she heard sounds resembling meowing coming from those boxes.

She got closer and now she was certain how the boxes that were left there for the trash collectors to pick up were full of cats.

Wendy wasn’t sure whether she should take them and place them somewhere safe or just open those boxes right there, so she eventually decided to alert an animal rescue service.

The staff from Celia Hammond Animal Trust came to the rescue in a matter of minutes and decided not to open the boxes there but at a safer place. They poked air holes and transported the cats.