Rescued Cat Finds A Forever Family That Loves Him And His Crazy Whiskers PAWS PLANET

Rescued Cat Finds A Forever Family That Loves Him And His Crazy Whiskers PAWS PLANET

Meet Kyle, a rescue Persian cat with the most outrageous looking whiskers you’ve ever seen. In the past, he was a victim of neglect when living in a household that was so abusive. He even had witnessed a domestic violence incident between his former owners. As a result, Kyle was taken into police custody as “evidence” and had to live with 30 other felines. After some time, he was put up for adoption.

At that moment, Jen and her partner were looking for a feline companion for their cat Princess Mer. They were browsing PetFinder when they came across a kitty with the craziest-looking whiskers along with a perfectly shaped mustache. They decided to adopt the kitty and they took the 3-hour drive to meet their new furry family member.

When they arrived at the shelter, a volunteer brought them to Kyle’s kennel and they were in for surprise. “It was a mix of shock at first sight and love at first sight – shock because he was a hot mess (wheezing, dandruff, disheveled whiskers) and love because you just wanted to take care of this poor mess of a creature,” Jen told Love Meow.

According to Kyle’s Instagram, the tuxedo has 3 teeth, no claws, severe dandruff, hip dysplasia and a crooked ear.” It took some time for the confused, skittish kitty to get used to living in a caring home. And after everything he has been through, Kyle is sweet and cuddly and the happiest he’s ever been.

“You could tell he was a lover, though, because despite the trauma he had been through, he still ran up to us for some lovin’… in small millisecond intervals.”