Man Brings His Two Dogs To Be Put Down Because Of His Girlfriend

Man Brings His Two Dogs To Be Put Down Because Of His Girlfriend

Pets would never leave us behind for any reason. But sadly, there are some pet owners are willing to abandon or euthanize their pet for personal or convenience reasons such as divorce, allergies, moving, shedding, job loss, among many others.

Recently, a piece of heartbreaking news about a man from Indiana and his dogs have been spreading on the internet. The man brought his two senior dogs, Cosmo a lab-mix and Sam a pointer, to the vet to be euthanized.

Although the dogs are already 10 years old, they are perfectly happy and healthy. The vet was shock and horror when the man decided to put down these sweet, healthy, loving senior dogs. They had lived with the man since they were puppies, but he was now abandoning them without hesitance.

The reason he gave was he was planning to move in with his girlfriend, and she was allergic to the dogs. But instead of surrendering the dogs to a shelter or trying to find them a new home, he decided that “convenience euthanasia” was the solution.

Thankfully, the vet and staff refused the man’s request and gave them a second chance. They did not euthanize Cosmo or Sam and transferred them to Begin Again Rescue, who took them in and put them up for adoption.