Pit bull defends children from a venomous snake, passes away the following day


When one family opened the doors to their hearts and their home to a Pit Bull named Zeus little did they know the decision would have a huge impact on their life.

The moment the dog entered the house everyone was overjoyed as they all knew they got themselves a best friend for life.

The 10-year-old boy, Oriley, and Zeus loved playing around the yard. One day, however, as they were having fun, they didn’t know that a tragedy was about to struck and affect the course of everyone’s life.

A predator was lurking in the grass and was waiting for a suitable moment to attack the boy. It was a highly venomous snake that Zeus spotted just in time.

He rushed towards the snake and started fighting with it while Oriley was smiling because he believed his loyal four-legged friend was playing with a rope or something, not realizing it was the reptile that almost killed him that Zeus was running around.

At one moment, the snake released itself and tried to make its way to the boy but Zeus slammed down on it. The snake then bit the poor dog and died.

Zeus felt excruciating pain but his young owner had no idea what had happened just inches from him.

It wasn’t until Zeus started feeling really bad that Oriley noticed the dead body of the snake and the bite marks on the dog’s stomach.

Fearing for his dog’s life, the boy rushed inside the house and started shouting for help. Gina, the mom, called 911, took Zeus in her arms, and started driving and looking for the nearest animal hospital.

Once there, the doctor injected Zeus with antivenom, and all the family could do was pray for him to survive.

Sadly, it was way too late for anything to be done so after spending the night in the hospital, brave Zeus died.

Learning the news of Zeus’ passing was a tragedy the family wasn’t able to overcome easily, especially because they knew that their beloved dog risked his own life for the sake of his owner’s.

Tears were shed and hearts were broken for the sad loss of the heroic dog.

Zeus’ act speaks not only of his courage and loyalty, but of that of his breed too.

After the story of this incredible dog was posted on YouTube, many people changed the way they see Pit Bulls. And although these dogs are considered vicious by many, the reality is that they are as loving and as caring as any other breed out there. Their bad image is a result of the human’s greed and cruelty and the dog fights that Pit Bulls are forced to take part in.

Many people who have seen the story and who feel for the loss of Zeus commented saying things like:

If it wasn’t for Zeus Oriley would probably die, but he was lucky to have someone as brave by his side.

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