Woman under investigation after throwing a cat right towards a barking dog


Whether someone is a nice and a genuine human being is not only seen by the way they treat other people but those that are vulnerable and can’t speak for themselves too; the animals.

Any act of abuse and neglect towards these creatures is an act of violence and cruelty and needs to be punished.

Just recently, people were left outraged by what one woman did to a poor cat and the act was caught on tape and shared on the social media.

She grabbed the animal by the hair and threw it in a field from where a dog could be heard barking angrily. This vicious woman’s friends didn’t do anything to stop her. One of them even uploaded the video online writing “caption this.”

The incident took place in New South Wales and currently the wrongdoer is under investigation for what she did.

Speaking to Prime 7, one of the police officers on the case said: “I have seen the video and it’s absolutely disgraceful. We have zero tolerance for animal cruelty in this community.

“Apart from it being really distasteful and disgusting, I don’t see why anyone would see a video like that being funny.”

Animal advocates, including RSPCA, are asking for this woman to be charged of animal cruelty. In case that happens, she may be given as much as five years of prison time.

The Daily Mail contacted the culprit and reported how she said she was extremely sorry for what she did and regrets her action. But saying sorry is just not enough.

Despite many media reporting that the cat died, it turned out she managed to survive the dog’s attack.

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