Loyal Dog Survives A Car Accident And Finds His Family


Throughout our lifetime we meet a lot of people, a few of which become our best friends we can rely on. But the fact is that only those who ever owned a dog have truly experienced the real meaning of friendship.

Unlike humans, dogs never forget what we do for them and will never betray us, even in cases when we betray them.

One story coming from Tennessee proves once again just how important dogs really are to us.

When a woman named Kathy Wilkes Meyers from Love Me Tender Animal Rescue spotted a Rottweiler on the side of a highway she stopped to see whether the animal needed help. Having dealt with stray dogs most her life, Kathy knew this one wasn’t a homeless dog. It looked like it had a family once.

“I would just tell right away she was somebody’s baby,” she said. “She just didn’t act like a stray dog to me.” That’s when Kathy decided to take the dog with her.

Kathy and the dog bonded just perfectly, but she wasn’t at peace knowing the canine’s family could be somewhere out there looking for her. So she decided to get back to where she found her new furry friend and explore a bit.

There, she noticed some broken glass and figured out there might have been a car accident there. Then, she recalled how she was driving there a few weeks back and spotted medics and police officers, so she was certain someone crashed their car there.

As she went further into the woods, Kathy spotted something that broke her heart. There was a pile of items dragged from the crashed car. She knew the dog placed them there as she was longing for her family.

“She was hoping her family would come back,” Wilkes Meyers said. “But they couldn’t.”

Kathy then spotted among the pile of items a candle with the name Michelle written on it. She rushed to call the highway patrol to ask for more information.

The officers gave Kathy some great news. As it turned out, the accident was a serious one, but somehow, the family managed to survive.

The woman who was in the accident was named Michelle and Kathy was now certain that the dog belonged to her and her family. She assumed that the dog was left behind when the family was taken to safety, and she was right.

Kathy now knew that she should do all in her power to reunite the dog with her humans.

Luckily, that happened very soon. Joe and Michelle Kelly and their three children were over the moon when they learned their dog Ella was alive and by their side. They missed her so very much and were worried sick for her.

“I didn’t think we were gonna make it out [of the accident],” Joe said. “I’m lucky to be sitting here with my family.”

At that point, however, the Kellys were placed in a temporary home where no dogs were allowed.

But Kathy was more than happy to take care of Ella until her family was financially stable to find a new home, as their medical expenses were huge.

Thanks to Kathy and her detective work, a dog and his humans were reunited.

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