Owners Threw Their Dog in a Garbage Truck to be Crushed to Death


Those working at the waste management service see lots of unusual things being thrown in the dumpsters, but two of them, Danny Cormier and Ahriel Jones Sr. were left horrified when they spotted a 6-month-old Pit Bull mix. The poor dog, later named Daisy, was struggling to get out of the place that was filled with garbage, her cage, and some old furniture. Luckily, she was spotted just in time to be saved. If these kind workers wouldn’t spot her, she could easily end up crushed, which was obviously what her owners wanted. 

The incident took place outside a Speedway store in Bradenton, Florida.

The workers took Daisy out and reported the case to the Manatee County Sherrif’s Office deputy.

Daisy was in a very bad condition. She was pretty healthy, but traumatized and shaken. She was also hungry and dehydrated.

Sharing her story, her rescuers beg dog owners to never do anything similar to their pets. If they no longer want them to be part of their family, they can easily surrender them to a local shelter.

Authorities are asking the public to help them locate the culprits who abandoned Daisy in such cruel manner. If you have any information please contact the Sheriff’s office at 941-747-3011.

As for Daisy, she’s currently placed at the Manatee County Animal Services in Palmetto and waiting for the right family to come across her way.

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