Woman spits on elderly in store, says she hopes “they all get coronavirus”


Horrified onlookers at a store in Bolton, England have revealed how they saw a woman spit at an elderly shopper and say she hoped “they get coronavirus”.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the incident happened at a Morrisons on March 25. Police were soon called to the store, where they were confronted by angry shoppers.

One witness told the Manchester Evening News how a woman had spat on people queuing inside. There were elderly people in the queue, of course at exceptional risk during the coronavirus crisis.

Credit: Wikimedia

The same woman then also spat at a security guard who tried to remove her from a store.

“It took several people to restrain her,” the unnamed witness said.

“A woman who helped restrain her is now on her way to hospital.

“She was spitting on pensioners and the security guard, saying I hope you all get coronavirus.

“Even when she was bleeding she was doing it, it’s not very nice.

https://t.co/hHikzrHmJe pic.twitter.com/8IAW8lvWwZ— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) March 27, 2020

Police confirmed they had been called to the scene, though denied that the incident was related to COVID-19.

During such troubled times we all need to pull together, not apart.

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