Golden retrievers and husky greet their new kitten sibling after she’s born



Whoever coined the phrase “fighting like cats and dogs” didn’t know enough animals. While these pets are stereotypically known as fierce rivals, anyone who has them under one roof will tell you dogs can be very loving towards cats, and vice versa.

That’s what one precious viral video shows, as three dogs show their love as their cat friend gives birth to a beautiful kitten—and it’s clear they’ll always be there.

In the video, originating on the Chinese video app Kuaishou and shared by Viral Paws, a cat prepares to go into labor:


Meanwhile, three other animals—two golden retrievers, a husky and another cat, apparently the new mom’s pet siblings—watch in eager anticipation outside, like human family members waiting in hospital when a child is born.


Eventually the mama cat gives birth to a beautiful baby kitten…


…and no one is more excited to meet the new arrival than her dog “uncles,” who lovingly looked over the kitten:


It’s clear these kind dogs will be there to look after the little kitten and her mom for years to come.


The adorable video has already gained over 12 million views on YouTube since being posted last month, and it isn’t hard to see why.

We love this story! It’s clear that these dogs are very loving and will always look after this little cat.

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