No Person Wanted to Get Attached to This Sick Pup, But Someone Stayed by His Side Anyway


Tiny pup hardly resembling a dog was rescued from the streets. He was so malnourished that his bones were all twisted and he couldn’t walk properly. At times, he couldn’t even stand. This sweet baby was anemic and overly exhausted. Luckily, his rescuers were there to go above and beyond to save him.

Vets gave him infusions and many vitamins, hoping he will at least regain some strength in order to be able to endure the treatments that followed.

This pup was cold all the time as his body lacked essential fats, so his rescuers dressed him in some fancy warm clothes to keep him warm.

Once he started feeling better, this incredibly cute pup was placed in a foster home that he loves. His humans shower him with love and attention and that’s enough for him to thrive.

Shortly after he was rescued and treated for his conditions, the pup’s fur started to grow back. He now looks like any other healthy dog out there and is very happy. In fact, his foster parents could see he adjusted in their home just perfectly and didn’t want him to be sad again if given up for adoption, so they adopted him themselves.

Now, he has a place to call a home and a stuffed teddy bear he never separates from. It’s incredible what love and kindness can do, don’t you think so?

We are so happy this little guy got his happy ending and we hope other dogs like him, in urgent need of help, will eventually find homes.

If you want to see the incredible transformation and how our good boy plays and runs around, then check the video below.

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