Man finds hot dog pieces with nails inside left to trap dogs — police are investigating


It never ceases to amaze us how cruel some people can be towards animals. One recent story has people shocked, after police discovered what appears to be a gruesome trap meant to harm hungry pets.

On May 4, the Newport Police Department in Rhode Island got a disturbing report from a local who had been walking his dog.

The man had found pieces of hot dog across a lawn… and upon further inspection found the pieces contained metal nails:

The nails were deliberately places there, clearly as a way to harm or kill passing animals who stop to eat the hot dogs.

If the man’s dog had gotten to one before he noticed, he would’ve no doubt experienced severe internal distress.

After the announcement, the community was appalled: “I can’t believe someone would do this,” one resident commented on Facebook. “We all love our pets here so much. I hope they get caught.”

While no suspects have been found yet, police are investigating the bizarre crime.

“The Newport Police are currently investigating this incident and request that anyone with information contact Detective Patrick Walsh at 401-845-5775,” the post reads.

We hope justice is served quickly, and this person won’t be able to harm dogs any longer!

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