3-year-old Boy Goes Missing, K-9 Picks Up His Scent and Tracks Him 10 Minutes Later


Little Emmitt went missing on May 31, 2020, at around 1:15 p.m. after he was last seen playing on the beach.

The search was intense from the start as eight police, sheriff, and fire departments took part in it. Washington County’s Sheriff’s Department Deputy Jim Malloy and his team managed to track the boy’s scent and followed the track to about two-tenths of a mile before they lost it. And just when they thought things would get harder, Curtis and Sig joined the mission.

After they let Sig pick Emmitt’s scent, the dog tracked him ten minutes later. Emmitt was spotted sitting behind a huge overturned tree half a mile from where he was last seen. No one really knows how could a three-year-old walk that much. Luckily, he was found safe and sound.

Sig getting involved in the search was just the right thing to do as tracking and trailing dogs are of great use when it comes to searching for missing people.

According to the police, there is difference between tracking and trailing dogs. They both receive intense, but different training. Tracking dogs use scent from the prints we make while walking on the ground. But when these dogs reach the hard surface it is more difficult for the scent to be caught because the ground is not disrupted. This is usually when tracking ends and trailing dogs come into the picture.

Source: Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Trailing dogs are trained to use their natural scent abilities no matter the surface.

Dogs are truly incredible. They are our best friends and most loyal companions who would do anything for us. What would we do without them by our side?