A Very Unusual Method – He Saves Dogs From Euthanasia!



Saving dogs from euthanasia – The Eric Tramson Method

Saving dogs from euthanasia, he is a dog trainer with a difference, both passionate and compassionate about dogs. He cares so much for all dogs and wants to use his very unique method to save aggressive dogs.

Eric Tramson saves dogs from euthanasia, he deals with dogs that are very aggressive, its dangerous work, but he doesn’t shy away from it, he is determined to give these dogs a second chance they so deserve.

He considers that aggressive dogs are made to be this way because of us humans. It’s how we act, either with intent or by ignorance.

The end result, however, is the same, with the exception of humans who maltreat dogs, that is yet another story completely, but still, in the end, the results can be very similar as far as the dog’s behavior goes!

How did Eric Learn To Save Dogs from Euthanasia?

Eric Tramson has 25 years of experience as a dog trainer under his belt, and before this he was a parachutist in the French army, specializing in dogs!

The methods he uses may surprise you a little, but don’t let it phase you, he more than loves dogs and will do anything to save them from euthanasia!

Having worked with the police, teaching and training people about how to handle and deal with dogs, he has both trained dogs for professionals, and the public too.

He seems to be equally happy to work with dogs for search and rescue, protection dogs, police dogs, but we love him the most because he will take an aggressive dog and re-educate it to be an upstanding member of the family!

His passion for dogs, and working with dogs has kept him in his field for many years and will continue for many years more to come.

A Unique Method called “Saliva Communication”

So what is this unique method he uses?

That’s right it’s called saliva communication!

Yes, he does spit on the dogs, but there is a lot more to the method than the eye can see.

He has a knack of communicating with dogs, influencing their core behaviors, and changing them on a deeper psychological level.

We might add though that Eric stresses the importance that dog owners follow his strict guidance with the dogs and continue his regime after they leave his training facilities, to maintain the changes he initiated!

Saving dogs from euthanasia is a worthy cause for sure, we hope you agree and share this with and show others there is another way!

Be sure to watch this video below and witness the man himself (subtitles in English! – Don’t see the subtitles? Press The CC button!)

Be sure to watch this video above and witness the man himself!
What an amazing thing, we have never seen anything like it!

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