Abandoned Puppy Found With The Word “FREE” Written On Her Fur In Permanent Marker




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A 5-month-old lab mix puppy was found wandering alone in an Ohio park. The rescuers noticed there was something written on the dog’s fur. On the one side it said “FREE” and on top of her head said “Good Home Only”.

The police arrived after receiving the call about an abandoned puppy. The officers contacted Ross County Humane Society who took in the sweet pup. The staff worked diligently to scrub off the permanent marker from her fur. There was more writing on the dog’s other side but was not readable. They were able to remove most of it and return her fur to a brilliant white.

Photos: Facebook/Jenn Thomas

Photos: Facebook/Jenn Thomas

The staff decided to name her Marvella, which is French for miracle. The sweet pup’s story went viral with over 6,000 shares.


Marvella is loving all the attention and treats she is getting. Now that she is up to date on vaccinations, she is available for adoption. However, there have been many applications submitted for her, so she will find her forever home soon.

Photo: Facebook/Jenn Thomas

Photo: Facebook/Jenn Thomas

Marvella is just one of thousands of abandoned dogs looking for a loving forever home. Adopt don’t shop. If you are unable to care for your pet please bring them to your local shelter. Do not abandon them or leave them on the streets.


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