Homeless Dog With A Broken Heart Just Needed A Loving Hand To Touch Him


When I hear stories about people abandoning pets, I can’t help but wonder how cold-hearten and unconsidered those individuals can be. Whoever inspects the possibility of becoming an animal owner should know that pets are family and there is no excuse in the decision of ditching them. Unfortunately, animal rescue organizations such as Howl Of A homeless dog encounters on the streets many stray dogs who once had home and a family.

Abandoning pets

Recently, the rescuers from this organization noticed a dog walking along the railroad tracks. Since they feared for his security they tried to make him come closer or at least change the place he was staying at, away from the trains. The dog seemed very scared and it was difficult for the rescuers to make him trust them and have the food they offered.

However, the dog was so malnourished and exhausted that he eventually decided to taste the treats. As he approached limping, they could notice he had health issues. Besides his injured leg it was obvious his sight was impaired. The cute dog seemed to understand that the rescuers were there to help so he let them touch him and pet him.

The first thing they did after saving Bobi was take him to the vet’s office in order to provide him with the appropriate medical assistance. To their surprise, the vet informed the rescuers that the dog was microchipped which meant he had an owner. But, when they contacted the owner, he simply said he didn’t want Bobi any more and that he wouldn’t take him back.

abandoning pets

It appeared that Bobi run away from home and having in mind his health condition – he was blind in his left eye – he could hardly survive the harsh winter which was just around the corner.

Luckily for him, he was noticed by the animal lovers, and now this senior dog of 9 years is obedient, loving, and energetic. He loves running and wags his tail all the time telling his rescuers he is happy to be save and loved. Now the only thing missing is for someone to give him a forever home.

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