Abused Dog Has Heart-melting Reaction When Rescuer Holds Out Her Hand –


The dedication to their cause of helping animals in need makes the volunteers at the Humane Society of the United States our heroes.

It’s because of them and their love for the animals that many helpless and vulnerable creatures found their happy ending, and sweet Duffy is just one of them.

When they first found him, Duffy was helplessly laying on the cold concrete of a puppy mill. The place was dark and filthy, and so was Duffy’s fur.

Amazingly, when the rescuers showed up, Duffy, that was unable to walk on his own and was severely malnourished, lifted his head and felt relieved. It was as though he knew they were there to save him.

The most touching moment was when he gave his rescuer his paw.

At first, no one believed that this dog would even survive, let alone be able to walk on his own. But Duffy’s strong will did magic. He recovered completely and is now part of a family that loves him unconditionally.


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