Abuser Beats Dog To A Pulp And Pees On Her Before Throwing Her Away In A Dumpster


A tiny dog named Chloe was found in a dumpster in Long Beach, California. Her muffled cries from a garbage bag helped her to be discovered. She was covered in rotten food and her fur was matted, but her rescuers had no idea about the abuse she had endured.

As “Fix Long Beach Pets and Animals” took her in, they were horrified to discover deep abusive wounds from being beaten black and blue. On top of that, her sick abuser had urinated on her before leaving her to die.

Chloe was left in pain with several broken ribs and a snapped leg. She went through numerous surgeries and painful procedures, but strongly held her claim to life. Her story went viral online, which left many people shedding tears for the poor pooch. Donations, toys and other gifts from people helped Chloe fight on.

After a painful recovery, Chloe found a loving home with couple Doug and Maryann James. This sweet couple was in tears when they were chosen to raise Chloe. After Chloe’s recovery, they brought her home and helped her heal emotionally. In her parents’ arms, Chloe finally felt safe.

Local people and welfare organizations joined hands to collect a fund of $25000 to be set as a reward for any person who helps locating Chloe’s abuser. So far, he is still roaming at large. Help put the word out and spread this around so Chloe’s abuser can be caught.

Click the video below to watch Chloe’s story of immense abuse and her recovery.

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