Adorable Hairless Puppy Comes To Shelter Asking For Nothing But Love


Meet Pippa, a tiny dog with a huge personality. When she and her family were brought at the local shelter of Atlanta Humane Society, they all had mange and were covered in sores, but it looked like Pippa’s condition was the most severe. Her skin was all red, inflamed, and she had no hair.

Hairless Puppy

Hairless Puppy

But only days upon her arrival at the place, the sweet puppy was spotted by a woman named Amanda Harris. This loving lady was certain she was the right person to welcome Pippa into her life and nurture her to complete recovery. Once in her new home, the puppy’s journey towards a happier and healthier life has started.

“She loves burrowing in blankets and cuddling more than anything in the world,” Harris said. “There were moments where I’d peek in on her and wonder where she went, only to find her comfortably nestled under all her blankets. It’s super adorable.”

Being around Harris, Pippa was able to heal and show her bubbly personality. Besides the snuggles, she enjoyed belly rubs and spending time with her foster mommy who showed her what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. Within days of receiving appropriate medications, Pippa’s skin soothed and her hair started growing back.

“Her care included weekly medicated baths, medication to heal her skin and proper nutrition,” Harris said. “Once she began to get proper care, her skin started healing remarkably quickly.”

Harris believes Pippa is a real representation of her breed, as pretty much all Chihuahuas are sweet, loving, loyal, and incredibly friendly. Pippa made friends with the other dogs in the house and she loved every moment spent chasing them around.

“She loved chasing their tails, cuddling with them and trying to hold her own in a game of tug-o-war,” Harris said. “Also, I took her to work with me every single day in a little sling purse designed for carrying around small animals — she loved it and was always a big hit!”

This amazingly lovable puppy gained popularity as her foster mommy shared her recovery, her antics, and her adventures with other dog lovers on the social media. That’s how Pippa’s forever family learned about her life story. The moment Terri Dickson laid eyes on Pippa, she asked to adopt her, and the dog is now huge part of this woman’s family’s life.

“When I saw the pictures of her as she first arrived, I had to go see her,” Dickson said. “Once she was in my arms, it was all over for me. Best decision I have made in a long time. She is incredible.”

Luckily, the family has other dogs, so Pippa won’t miss her foster siblings that much. She got used to be around other dogs, and having new furry friends in her new home is a huge plus.

Look at her. Isn’t she adorable?

“She loves her family and we love her!” Dickson said.

We are very glad there are people like Harris who help sick and abandoned dogs find their happy ending. We hope this types of stories will be everything we get to read about in the future.



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