After Shelter Turns Her Away, Woman Drops 11 Animals In The Middle Of The Road And Drives Off



A woman from Florida was caught dropping 11 pets in the middle of the road. Her cruel act was caught on tape and it caused rage at the wide public. The Hillsborough County police are still trying to track her down and are asking anyone who has information on who she might be to step in.

It was said that she dropped the helpless animals after she had been turned away by the shelter where she wanted to leave them.

The ten cats and the dog were looking around in confusion, wondering why they are there and where their owner left.

The staff at the no-kill shelter, C.A.R.E. (Critter Adoption and Rescue Effort), didn’t have place for the animals at the time, but they believe that the woman should have considered other shelters and options instead of ditching the poor souls the way she did.

The animals eventually moved away from the road and headed to different directions. No one really knows what happened with them afterwards.

Authorities assured the public they would do their best in identifying and locating the neglectful owner. We just hope she will be brought to justice and charged with animal cruelty as soon as possible.

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