Army Veteran Drops To His Knees In Shock – Upon Meeting Service Dog


The veteran had a pleasant surprise ready for him!

One local Army veteran named Luciano Yulfo had the surprise of his life during the halftime of a New York Knicks game. The veteran had been previously injured in Afghanistan back in 2014 and had recently retired after he being amongst the army’s ranks for at least 36 years.

He was on the wait list for a service dog for the past year and a half, but did not need to wait any longer.

There in front of him was a 10-month-old puppy, whose purpose was to help Yulfo live a normal life and cope with his injuries!

After retiring and settling down back home, Luciano needed a service dog badly. After a year and a half, Luciano still hadn’t received one due to the long waiting list. One day, he attended a New York Knicks game. During the game’s half time, Luciano was pulled onto the court and presented with his very own service dog named Murphy.

Touched and grateful, Luciano falls to his knees and embraces Murphy happily. The duo bonded instantaneously – it was love at first sight for the two!

At merely 10-months-old, Murphy shows great training potential – he was born to be a service dog. A former Veteran-turned-dog-trainer named Charlie Jackson had trained the pup since birth. Plus, no one deserves Murphy more than a man who had spent the past 36 years fighting for his country! Thanks to Jackson and his children’s efforts, Murphy is more than ready to reside in his new forever loving home with Luciano!

Watch the touching scene unfold in the video below!

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