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Meet Yarely, the college professor and the founder of Freya’s Floral Company which are located in San Diego, California. This is a small business which specializes in producing flower crowns for animals and people.

Freya’s Floral Company was inspired by her Australian shepherd Freya dog. At first, she just wanted to create something special for him. So, Yarely made a flower crown for him to take fun photos for Instagram. “Flowers are not real. In order to make them durable, I use fake flowers. These crowns are still delicate though!” Yarely said.

After creating a flower crown to use for her photoshoots, she shared it on Instagram. And unbelievably, she received such positive feedback that she decided to begin making crowns for other dogs to spread the love. Along with the help of her husband, a dog-loving engineer, she creates a brand and makes adorable flower crowns for both people and animals.

Since Yarely began offering the flower crowns to the public, there have been many people who wanted to turn their pets into professional models. One of the greatest models of Freya’s Floral is Leonidas, a Maine Coon cat from Chicago with over 150k followers on Instagram. This superstar model has gathered thousands of likes from people all over the world, praising his fashion sense and the amazing crowns.

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