Awaiting Slaughter At Meat Farm, Dog Gently Lifts Her Paw As A “Thank You” To Her Saviors



Slaughtering dogs for their meat is a terrifying thought for most people. However, the consumption of this meat is a custom in South Korea and other Asian Nations. For this purpose, around 1 million dogs are killed and eaten annually.

Luckily, animal activists from all over the world are fighting against this tradition. The Humane Society of the United States has recently shut down 13 South Korean dog meat farms and they are not planning to stop shutting down more.

The conditions in which these dogs are kept are more than terrifying. Their wired cages are so crowded that the poor animals barely have space to move. On top of that, they are only given small amounts of food and water and are forced to live in filth and feces.

Due to the negligence, most of the dogs get diseases. Those who survive are sent for slaughter. Regardless, none of them gets out of these farms alive.

Among the dogs who were saved recently was a loving female named Sandie.

Why Sandie caught the attention of the rescuers was because she gave them her paw as a sign of “thank you” once she realized she would be taken out that horrific place.

Despite everything she had to go through because of the human kind, she still had trust in the people who gave her a new lease on life.

Sandie was since adopted by a loving family and is spending her days around her doggy sibling and a cute little bunny in her new home in the U.K.

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