Blind Man Reduced to Tears after Commuters Refuse to Give Up Their Seat on Busy Train –



Have we lost the ability to be ‘humans’ over the years? I feel like compassion and kindness became traits most of us no longer posses. So what does that speak of us?

The story of a blind man named Amit Patel reminds us that if we don’t change the way we treat others, each following generation will be more self-centered than the previous and that would lead to cold-hearted humans and a world we won’t want to be part of any longer.

Amit and his service dog Kika were forced to stand in a crowded London train because no one wanted to give up their seat for them, not even those who were sitting on the priority seats which are intended for people with disabilities.

Both Amit and Kika slipped and slid on the wet floor of the train.

Amit felt humiliated. And we understand if his faith in humanity has been lost, because we lost it as well.

Speaking to Independent newspaper, he said, “It takes so much not to have that one tear come down my face. I come home and think, ‘Does it have to be this hard?’”

When more people learned of the everyday ordeals Amit and Kika go through while using the train, the train station issued an apology. They said they would make sure to install clearer signs when it comes to priority seating.

The story of Amit and Kika was shared on Twitter by a user that goes by the name Kika.

Please share this story to help raise awareness of the issues people with disabilities are forced to face every single day. Let’s not make their life even harder with our careless acts of disrespect.


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